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I am so happy you're here!!  I'm sarah and I am a virtual assistant and boutique photo editor for wedding and portrait photographers in Illinois and Beyond!! I am a wife + dog-mom, and I'm addicted to unsweet tea, british lit, and ulta!!

Balancing Multiple Client Workflows

There’s been a bit of an adjustment period with going full-time and taking on extra editing and virtual assisting clients. For years, I worked a full-time job and then came home to manage multiple workflows, social media, and editing for my clients.  I had my system set up when I was only doing this job as […]


How to Prepare for Vacations as a Virtual Assistant

I know I’m not alone in this…if there’s one thing I LOVE, it’s a good vacation!!! I am so grateful that working for myself allows me to literally work from ANYWHERE, but, gone are the days of turning in vacation time and not worrying about what is happening in “the office.”  So, here are just […]


Friday Favorites | Toggl

I am SO excited to be sharing about this new tool I’ve been utilizing in my business and to say it has been a “game-changer” would be a HUGE understatement. In complete honesty, I have only been using Toggl for the last two weeks so I’m still pretty new to the program. However, after just one day of […]


My “Why” and How to Find Yours

I am beyond proud to be part of this large ecosystem of creative entrepreneurs (that up until a few years ago, I had no idea even existed!)  who believe in supporting each other and “community over competition.”  With that support and open dialogue between a vast majority of the industry, there is a LOT of […]


When You Know, You Know : The “Heart” Behind Taking my Business Full-Time

“Are you and Jacob doing ok?” That moment, when my sweet sister-in-law pulled me aside at Thanksgiving, was the moment in which I knew my current work situation needed to change.  I was working full time in Human Resources and spent every evening and every weekend editing, virtual assisting, or building my website/workflow for my side-hustle.  […]


Phillip & Family | 3 Months

This little man has taken our family by storm the last three months–meet Phillip!  He is such a sweetie and his personality is developing more and more each day.  I have shared more about him over on my Instagram page, but I wanted to share just a few of my favorites from his three month […]