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I am SO excited to be sharing about this new tool I’ve been utilizing in my business and to say it has been a “game-changer” would be a HUGE understatement.

In complete honesty, I have only been using Toggl for the last two weeks so I’m still pretty new to the program. However, after just one day of using it I fell in love, and after a couple weeks of using it, I’m planning on upgrading to the paid version to utilize even more amazing time-tracking features.

As a virtual assistant and editor, it is essential to keep track of all of my work time and time scheduled for each of my clients.  I was working with excel spreadsheets and a looootttt of post-it notes, keeping track of my start and end time, and tracking all of the time I spend editing. It worked…but it was a “clunky” system that required a lot more tracking and math on my end. Now, with Toggl, I take care of all of that in just one spot and the program does the tracking and the math for me!

I can create different projects, tag each project by client, and simply start and stop the timer as I work on each project. This then allows me to see how much time I spent on each client during the week, tracks the time I spend editing so I can improve speed and consistency, and it helps me sort by each client when it comes time for invoicing.

I am so sad I waited this long to look into a time-tracking systems, but am thrilled that Toggl is working well with my business.  To learn more about Toggl, click here!

Comment below if you’d like to learn more about Toggl and other systems I use in my business to stay organized!!

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