My “Why” and How to Find Yours

I am beyond proud to be part of this large ecosystem of creative entrepreneurs (that up until a few years ago, I had no idea even existed!)  who believe in supporting each other and “community over competition.”  With that support and open dialogue between a vast majority of the industry, there is a LOT of talk about running a business of purpose and living life every day with intention.  Each entrepreneur I look up to in the industry speaks of their passion in their business and the true heart behind their work.

When I got started, I knew I enjoyed the challenge of learning new tasks every day, of matching edits, of balancing several workflows at once. There was even a thrill to my own “business maintenance” in addition to the client work. However, I felt completely lost with the direction of my business because I honestly wasn’t sure of the purpose behind my business…my “WHY,” the reason I spent every day (late nights and early mornings) building this business from the ground up.  In all actuality, I felt like a fraud without my “why.”  I felt almost insignificant with my work, but I still felt the passion and continued working–all the while trying to put my passion into words and “find” the elusive “why.”

I felt this way for a long time…until I stopped actively looking for it. Despite feeling a little lost, I continued to serve my clients well every day and found even more creative entrepreneurs who I could assist.  All of a sudden, I found my “why” in every entrepreneur’s least favorite spot: my email inbox.  I realized that I found this great sense of connection when emailing with my clients about the plans they have for their businesses. I felt joy in the fact that I still had virtual co-workers who I got to “keep up with” and discuss their growing families, celebrate their wins, and even be there in the not-so-great times.  I felt my purpose when my clients wrote to me saying that they’re so excited because I’ve taken so much off of their plate; that they were able to go to their kids end-of-the-year carnival because I gave them that time back; and that they were thrilled that my work was even helping them serve their clients better!

The purpose of my business and the work I do every day is to love my clients by gifting them with more time.  To find joy in the simplicity of making someone else’s life easier.

So, my friends: stop. Stop looking for that pivotal moment where it will all change once you’ve found your why. Stop thinking that you’re a fraud or illegitimate because you can’t find the perfect Instagram-worthy caption for the heart behind your business.  YOU are the heart behind your business and that’s all that matters.

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