Now Full-Time!!

Things have been pretty quiet on my social media lately (you can follow me on Instagram, here!), but a LOT has been happening behind the scenes.  And I’m finally ready to let you in on some exciting news…on Friday, I worked my very last day in Human Resources at a local community college and am now FULL-TIME in my business as a virtual assistant and boutique photo editor for wedding and portrait photographers!!  I am so thrilled (and admittedly, nervous!!) that this moment is finally here, and I’m so grateful to all of  my clients (and my wonderfully supportive husband) who have made this transition possible for me after 2 years of building up this business on the side.

I find so much joy in helping creative business owners (who are often also young mothers) find balance in their lives through outsourcing, and I am so glad I get to continue my search for additional clients to serve, now that I will have MUCH more time to give!! This will definitely be a transition for me, but I am beyond grateful for this new season in our life and for the opportunity to take spend every day cultivating a business focused on serving others well!

Happy Wednesday, friends!!  Thanks for celebrating with me 🙂

(Photo credit to my husband, Jacob!! Thanks for standing out in the front yard while I attempted to throw flower petals in celebration.  Clearly, my throwing skills aren’t top-notch–especially when wind is involved!)

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